What can you eat with acute gastritis of the stomach, food when exacerbated, foods, recipes, that you can not eat?

What can you do if you have an exacerbation of gastritis? In case of exacerbation of gastritis, it is important to remember that you can only eat certain foods.Most of the daily dishes are considered dangerous for the mucous membrane, and for the walls of the stomach and the entire digestive tract as a whole.It must also be remembered that it is necessary to reduce the number of products consumed and to break up your daily meals into several portions: from 6-8.

There are foods that stimulate the production of gastric juice.People who have an acute gastritis should follow the rules of their intake.To food, which does not strongly stimulate the production of juice, include: drinking water, mineral water, tea( not strong), cottage cheese, sugar and others.You can eat all of the above, only the patient has a mild form of the disease.

Weak activity of glands producing gastric juice can also cause fats.However, we must remember that food containing fat is digested for a very long time, which means it lingers in the stomach for a long time.This is especially true

for complex fats.The use of fatty foods, during a period of exacerbation of gastritis, is not recommended, as this can increase the activity of the disease.From fatty it is allowed to use only vegetable oil, but no more than 2 table spoons a day.

Such a set of products can be eaten during the period of exacerbation of gastritis.Such food is suitable both for people suffering from acute gastritis both with high acidity, and with decreased.

Strong irritants, both for the gastric mucosa and for the glands producing gastric juice, are: alcohol, beverages with a high content of gases, coffee, salty dishes, meat broths.

In order to improve the performance of the stomach with acute gastritis, it can be taken together with dense liquid food.For example, taking such a dish as porridge, it is better to consume water only after a few hours.

You can not eat foods by combining them with others.For example, do not eat both cottage cheese and potatoes at the same time.Within several months, after the gastritis has become aggravated, it is best not to eat such food as prunes.

When consumed, any foodstuffs should remember that the longest of the stomach and the body as a whole removed fat, then, at the rate of removal are proteins.Carbohydrates are the fastest.

Low acidity

Nutrition for exacerbation of gastritis Usually at the onset of exacerbation of gastritis, nutrition is very limited.The goal is to reduce the inflammation that arose as a result of an exacerbation.

After several days have passed and the exacerbation stops, you can use tea, water, crackers, omelettes for a couple.Also allowed to eat soft meat, low-fat fish, cutlets, steamed.

This diet needs about three weeks.The diet reduces inflammation, and hence exacerbation of gastritis.After the pain has decreased, it is possible to gradually switch over to the products of the usual diet, with observance of the rules for calculating the nutritional value.

After the improvement, you can start eating meat broths, pickles.In order not to give reasons for the appearance of an acute form of gastritis, you should drink a glass of lemon juice before eating.

After full recovery, you can use recipes containing fried foods, but without using a breading.You can also add to the diet drinks that increase the secretion of gastric juice.These include: koumiss, kvass.However, it must be remembered that excessive consumption of these drinks can cause increased gas production.

You can not eat dishes that contain spicy, fresh bread, fatty meat, dairy products, fiber.

After you have the opportunity to increase the diet, you can add tea and yogurt to your daily diet.

After 2-3 months, and your stomach will function properly, you can expand your diet, almost everyone will be allowed to eat.You can not eat such products as: smoked meat, meat and fish with high fat content.

In case of exacerbation of the disease, proportionality of nutrition should be observed even after the stomach has fully recovered.It is necessary that for dinner, no more than 20% of the total amount of food per day.

High or normal acidity

What is with an exacerbation of gastritis? The first few days it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet.It will be the same as with acute gastritis with low acidity.

However, there is still a difference.It is best to eat more dairy products, in particular, whole milk.It is able to lower the high level of acid in the stomach with exacerbation of gastritis.

In some cases, milk may not be suitable because of individual intolerance.For example, if the stomach does not digest dairy products, resulting in the formation of gases and diarrhea.In this case, you can eat milk by mixing it with another liquid food.For example, you can drink tea with milk.If this method does not help reduce acidity, then you can use mucous soups.

You can use the following recipe for slimy soup: take 25 grams of flour or cereals for 600 milliliters of water, then put the mass on the fire and cook until 300 milliliters remain in the pan.Next, using a sieve, the resulting mass is ground with the addition of a boiled, chicken egg.It is also possible to add cream or butter - about 15 grams.

During the exacerbation of gastritis, you can use chopped cereals, meat soufflé, cream, milk, low-fat curds, tea with milk or cream, decoction of rose hips with added sugar.

The diet should contain as many proteins as possible.Products containing protein are necessary in order to restore the walls of the stomach, since it is the protein that is the "building material" for them.The egg is best for protein supplements.Egg white is well absorbed by the body.

You can not eat fresh bread.Instead, you can use crackers, which can be dried in the oven.

An important component of the diet is sunflower oil.In acute gastritis, it is often necessary that the food pass normally.Sunflower oil is best for this.

You can not eat pickled products, salt, food containing spicy condiments, rich soups from meat or fish.You can not drink alcohol.

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