Treatment of garlic pinworms, garlic enema with milk against enterobiosis in adults and children, how to treat, how to get rid?

Pinworms are a problem for most of the world's population. Most often, helminth infection is inflicted on children. The disease is associated with a violation or non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. Babies constantly pull their hands in the mouth, thereby being exposed to infection.

In our time it is not difficult to find a medicine that can withstand any helminth, but treatment with such medications may not be safe for the body. It is best to take the recipes of traditional medicine. Most often, parents choose garlic, as a remedy for pinworms. This is due to the fact that everyone in the house has such an ingredient, and there is no need to run to the pharmacy or to the store.

Before starting treatment, you should visit the clinic to confirm the presence of helminths. Only after this, one can choose one of the existing methods of fighting parasites.

Treatment of enterobiosis with garlic

The most common means of fighting pinworms is an enema. To prepare the mortar, it is ne

cessary to perform the following actions:

  • Grind three large garlic cloves;
  • Collect warm water in a glass and add the crushed crushed lobules there;
  • Stir the contents thoroughly and let stand for 10 minutes;
  • Fluid strain through gauze.

Cleansing enema with garlic from pinworms is done 15 minutes before bedtime. It is recommended to perform the procedure every day for 1 week. After 7 days, you should take a short break, and then repeat the course.

People who have tried an enema with garlic from pinworms leave only good reviews. Since such a folk remedy allows you to cope with the ailment, you do not need to resort to medication. Another advantage of this enema from pinworms is that it can be done both for an adult and for a child.

The second most popular remedy for pinworms is garlic with milk. In the event that the baby complains of an itch in the anus, it means that he has helminths and is recommended to start treatment. The baby should be put in milk with garlic to get rid of pinworms. First of all, the milk should be brought to a boil. After this, it should be poured into a small basin and add a few denticles, preliminarily finely chopped. When the liquid is not too hot, the baby can be put in the pelvis for 15 minutes. For efficiency, the procedure should be repeated the next day.

Garlic from pinworms in adults can be used easier. In order to remove parasites it is necessary to perform the following actions consistently:

  1. Clear 10 cloves of garlic, preferably, they are large;
  2. Thoroughly chew and drink milk, in the amount of one liter. The best way is to use melted milk;
  3. After about 2 hours you can use laxatives. When the pills begin to act, the helminths will leave the body naturally.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure after 3 days. It should be remembered that garlic from pinworms is effective, but there are children it is not desirable, so a similar recipe is more suitable for parents.

Treatment of garlic pinworms does not cause problems in patients, as it is not necessary to perform complex procedures for the preparation of a medicine. In addition, this folk remedy is an indispensable preparation for the fight against parasites for pregnant women. Being in an interesting position, ladies are afraid to take any medications, but pinworms can cause a lot of discomfort, so you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. It is enough to make garlic enema several times and there will be no trace of the problem. In this case, one should not forget about personal hygiene and constantly consult with the attending physician.

Since getting rid of pinworms with garlic is not difficult, patients can only choose one of the existing recipes.

Prevention of garlic pinworms

Garlic against pinworms can be used not only as a medicine, but also as a preventative. It is recommended to eat at least one tooth every day, and the probability of occurrence of enterobiasis will be low.

As for children, it is not difficult to treat garlic clams with pinworm, but it is not recommended to use it as a prophylaxis. Babies under 5 years of age generally do not need to give a sharp one, so as not to cause a digestive disorder or other abnormalities.

It's best to remember the rules of personal hygiene and follow what the son or daughter eats, than to worry about treatment in the future. In most cases, babies do not wash vegetables and fruits, but they can have eggs of the parasite.

Parents are advised to disinfect the baby pots and treat their faeces. The laundry must always be clean and ironed. Compliance with the rules of prevention will further avoid unnecessary problems with treatment, despite the fact that traditional medicine quickly eliminates the problem.

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